Scrap Metal Collection

If you are a business who needs regular waste to be collected from your workplace, we can provide a free skip to store all of your waste metals. Then – when you are ready for us to come collect it from your workplace – you simply phone us and we will come to collect at a convenient time, along with any payment for the scrap metal.

Free skips come in a variety of sizes. From mini skips (2-5 yards), regular sizes (6-12 yards), to large roll off skips (20-40 yards).

Our collection service includes items such as dishwashers, cookers, and much more. For more information please contact us directly and one of our workforce will be happy to help. Please keep in mind there is a minimum weight requirement for scrap collection.

No amount too large

Thanks to our large fleet of vehicles for metal waste collection, no job is too large for our mobile collection service. Even if you have a large warehouse full of scrap metal which needs to be cleared, our fleet of vehicles can come and provide a clearance service.

If you have a warehouse that needs clearing, please get in touch.