Receive payments for your scrap!

If you have any scrap metal containing non-ferrous metal, we will pay you the best rates available for your scrap. Customers can bring their non-ferrous metals to our scrapyard, where we are able to weigh the materials and provide payment within the same day; making scrapping as simple as possible for our customers. If you are looking to have any scrap metals collected from your home or workplace please get in touch, as mobile collection is available, but please bare in mind that there is a minimum weight requirement.

Hassle-Free Scrapping

We have created a hassle-free scrapping system for our customers,
along with being able to offer the best payment rates for your non-ferrous scrap metal.

Why Choose H&J Metals?

  • Best rates paid
  • Fully licensed
  • Free collection
  • No Tax or MOT required
  • Convenient collections
  • Unbeatable service